Revisiting old haunts. Old memories. Starting to say the long goodbye. ✨
  • meg_feeRevisiting old haunts. Old memories. Starting to say the long goodbye. ✨

  • meg_fee#NYC #ny #manhattan #lincolncenter #davidgeffenhall #thelonggoodbye
  • natclappBut where are you going?! I'm dying to know (I also want to move to New York and am freaking out about it)
  • lauralennonYes where to!?
  • juliaccarpenterOh man this is gorgeous
  • kate_justkateSeriously. Where to?!
  • vsmo81Keep your fans updated on this process! Much love your way!
  • surkhaykhanSad and exciting! Had to say my good-bye about 8 years ago. Still very nostalgic about the city, but life is beautiful, moving is for the best. Looking forward to seeing your adventures to come.
  • lindsaymeyerharleyI said the gut wrenching goodbye to nyc too, let me know if you need someone to cry to ❤️
  • laurahappyhallI was there like an hour before you. 💕
  • elissat28Hope your new journeys are great adventures xxx
  • girlandclosetSooo lovely!! ✨
  • authorrsgreyI'm at 90% in All the Light We Cannot See and I don't want it to end! Have you finished?
  • meg_fee@authorrsgrey I have!!!! I did. I'm curious to talk about it after you're done.
  • authorrsgreyWow that last 10% was packed with plot. Doerr had a way of presenting things with such little fanfare that I had to reread passages two or three times to confirm I'd read it correctly. (Werner's death especially.) -- I don't know where to start. I feel a little numb, but I absolutely loved it. Looooved it.
  • meg_fee@authorrsgrey I know. I know!!! I felt a little betrayed by Werner's death--by how unceremonious it was. And I have so may questions about the stone--was it retuned to the sea?
  • dorindadorindahhh@meg_fee I just started the book. Thanks for the spoiler. 👍🏽
  • meg_feeUgh, sorry. Why did you keep reading after our comments about being nearly done and wanting to talk about it?!!!!!!!!??!?!
  • easygrinsLove it 😄
  • acynfillife@megfee That really is such a good book. The way things were described, such as listening to the radio for the first time, were hauntingly beautiful!
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