• pepideboissieu"Pu-erh" tea installation & ritual for @santacole during #salonedelmobile in Milan.
    If there is a kind of tea that is highly esteemed in China, that is Pu-erh tea. Its leafs are collected from centenary trees called “Camellia Sinensis”and is it after its recollection when the process becomes quite more complex. The leafs need to be heated in a special wok at no more than 80 ºC in order to achieve the right texture, then they are rolled by hand in big bamboo cases for the aroma to release, finally they are laid outdoors to dry under the shadow of a cloth. Too much light exposure would burn them while too much shadow wouldn’t allow them to dry. Leafs need to dry for a hole day for them to be compressed in different shapes. Pu-erh after compressed can be fermented or can be ready to use. 📸 @irishumm

  • santacole🍵✨
  • ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaLoved it!
  • laovejaazulFascinating !
  • holablueyellowWhat a beautiful ceremony!
  • broochini
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