• nicolethenstudioWin a couple portrait session on the 29 April 2017, Saturday (late afternoon) with florals and deco by @seagypsyflorals and photography by @nicolethenstudio😄🙌🏻 Here's how to win!
    1. Follow @seagypsyflorals and @nicolethenstudio
    2. Repost this image
    3. In the comments tell us why you'd like to win and tag @seagypsyflorals and @nicolethenstudio in the image and comments.
    4. I believe you'll have to turn your account public for the period of the contest 😉
    Contest will close on the 18 April Midnight 🎉

    Do note that you have to be available on that date (late afternoon), the shoot will be 30mins and you'll be able to have 2 outfit change for the winner. •
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  • journey.recordPretty 😍😍
  • andreaawkdWe have been together for almost 11 years (!!). Childhood sweetheart I guess. ✌🏻️ Despite our more-than-decade relationship + love to travel to scenic areas, we never had an opportunity to have a proper photoshoot together. Our 10th year holds a special place in our hearts - from being each other's gf/bf to becoming a fiancé/fiancée. As we move on towards the next phase of our lives, I really hope to win this to commemorate our special moments together!! More importantly, to thank him for giving me faith in love again. Please let me win! ☺️ @seagypsyflorals @nicolethenstudio
  • stardustinherhair👌👌
  • alexrubinphotoCool!
  • znt_anWow! Thank you for this gift! How @georgle and I met, progressed and got engaged is a rather interesting story to tell, and we haven't found the best way to tell it :) We hope to have this chance to work with the talented Nicole and Ken, as well as the crafter behind the seagypsy blooms to capture our story on film/images as friends on the 29th (our 28 month anniversary) :) Maybe a little fun fact about us: Zaneta, a dancer and George a Soccer fan! came together to realise we share exact interests: Climbing mountains, Food and our Families. Maybe we can do ballet Inspired lifts in the shoot? Keen to explore! 👫👯☺️ Never won anything before, but in any case, still thank you for this opportunity!! 🙇🏻‍♀️ Hope we win it 🍃🌞 - Zan
  • jocene0My fiancé's not someone who appreciates photo taking. So, sadly, our photos were usually casual selfies that do not do justice to the moments we had.
    As I turn a year older on 17 Apr, I wish that we will be able to have some photos to look back in decades to come. Looking at the past works of @nicolethenstudio, I trust that my wish could be fulfilled!
    @nicolethenstudio @seagypsyflorals
  • zeeeeerongThis portrait session is timely as @garyleelob and I are doing up our wedding album! Would love to include the unique and beautiful bouquets from @seagypsyflorals and also the the amazing works of @nicolethenstudio - to capture moments like this 😍 We would love to have the honour and opportunity to showcase the beautiful photos in our wedding album taken by Nicole. Photos that exude and speak the love that we share. 😘
  • ahneohaseyo@nicolethenstudio @seagypsyflorals tagged and shared :) you may hop to my page to know our story! Simply ->>> @ahneohaseyo and also a proof that we have followed the terms and conditions in participating in this contest! We are eager and looking forward to work with you guys! Have a good week ahead! Cheers, Richard!
  • wammysammyI don't usually repost but I am doing it this round because Teckhui and I would love to have this opportunity to win this shoot by @nicolethenstudio and @seagypsyflorals. We have not done such shoots before and we only have our selfies and wefies on the moments we shared together. ☺️ Pictures speak a thousand words... Looking forward to share this moment with you both!!
  • ngwyeI seldom update my Instagram and never take part in such events..But knowing how much it would mean to my fiance @jessiehuenmade to win this experience, I shall make an exception for her. // Jessie and I met in university but while we both enjoy taking photos on our travels, we don't really have much of photos together. And while Jessie is a natural in front of the camera, I am an awkward turtle. So @nicolethenstudio and @seagypsyflorals please do pick us and help us create some wonderful memories. And also, because film is not dead!
  • jessiehuenmadeTagged and shared!! // There are a ton of reasons why @ngwye and I would to love to win this giveaway, but the most fitting is that he loves film and I love vintage, so we'd say that the talent of @nicolethenstudio and the rustic vintage styling of @seagypsyflorals is a match made in heaven for us, yes? We would love a chance to work with you guys so pretty please pick us? 😬🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♂️
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