• ckelso4/100 of #100daysofwisdomfromwomen / Full quote: "If I have to ask you who I am, if I have to tell you who I am, if I describe myself in terms of shows and hours of television and how globally badass my brain is, I have forgotten what the real hum is. The hum is not power and the hum is not work-specific. The hum is joy-specific. The real hum is love-specific. The hum is the electricity that comes from being excited by life. The real hum is confidence and peace." - @shondarhimes .⠀⠀
    I remember watching Shonda's TED talk last year, completely riveted by this notion of "The Hum." It's no secret that Shonda has a way with words and her talk was no exception. This quote in particular got me because it reminded me of the path I've been on the past few years -- of trading achievement for alignment. That's what the hum is for me. That confidence, that peace described by Shonda which is a byproduct of aligning how I show up in the world with who I am at my deepest core. ⠀
    More about Shonda: I knew nothing of Shonda's life or career before Grey's Anatomy, so I had fun looking up a bit of her backstory. She says she and her sister used to call each other up and talk about operations they'd seen on the Discover Channel, a fascination which inspired the setting for Grey's. I also love that she never cast the original Grey's characters with races in mind, she was only interested in the best actors for the roles. She admits she originally envisioned Bailey as a small blonde-haired woman and then Chandra read for the role and was perfect. Her first daughter's name is Harper Lee. (I see what you did there Shonda!) 💗 Last fun fact: She wrote Crossroads, the Britney Spears movie. I gotta go back and watch it now to appreciate the writing!⠀
    .⠀ ⠀
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  • greta.nicoleWonderful quote and gorgeous art! 💖😀
  • vetteyLove Shonda. You have to read her book, Year of Yes!
  • iamlovegenius
  • oneearbunnyToo cute
  • daveandtammymillerReally digging your gallery.
  • ckelso@daveandtammymiller thank you so much! 🙏
  • dairecharlotteIf I didn't love Shonda for the genius that is Grey's, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, word bombs like this would do it for me! Also, love the colour choice!
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