• agentnateurI began formulating h o l i ( o i l ) in Paris in August 2016. I had just began natural cosmetic school and perfumery in Grasse, France and was in love with rosehip oil, which I've been using for the last couple of years. Rosehip is a natural retinol and is incredibly anti aging. It's loaded with vitamin A and I feel a strong difference when I use it. I started mixing it with vitamin C because nothing brightens or takes away fine lines like this miraculous vitamin that I've been using for ten years. This combination is wonderful for acne and scars. When I returned home to Los Angeles, my business manager told me I had to release a face serum. I said how crazy! I've been making my own the last two months in France and never really intended on releasing it, which was exactly what happened with my deodorant. I gave it to him to test and he loved it.

    I went back to France all of November and began sourcing my ingredients because they are superior to the US. I tested my formula on 100 friends and family members and everyone wanted to buy it. I knew I was onto something when both my mother and best friend's little sister told me they were obsessed with it and needed more immediately. It's taken me 6 months to properly source each ingredient that is non-gmo and natural, I'll break down each ingredient this week. Pre orders begin now for May 12 delivery. I will not be offering many samples, as it is currently taking me months to receive some of the ingredients from France. Thank you for the art direction @amanda_charchian 🇫🇷🌹✨ #holioil #agentnateur #faceoil #faceserum #greenbeauty
  • agentnateur@3degreesofbeauty thank you so so much!!! 😍✨🌹
  • mariemanuonlineWooohooo🎊. Is the pre order link on the website?
  • kouklawellnessAmazing! Love rosehip oil. You need a shop in Europe ☺️
  • marcgleeson@agentnateur is your brand holi as on holly? Or as in Holy? I'm interested. Great packaging 😍😊
  • sarahsita_Many blessings and so excited for this product. 🌸✨
  • alexsmarieeSo excited!! Just Pre-ordered! 🌸🌹🙌🏼🤗
  • agentnateurThank you!!! 🙏🏻❤🌹✨😘 @alexsmariee
  • denaepHow do I pre order??
  • robinsiegelOrdered❣️🌹
  • agentnateurThank you so much @robinsiegel 😍😘❤❤🌹
  • agentnateur@denaep our website ❤
  • samaraweenI preordered last night! So excited!!! Wanted to know, can I use holi-oil with retin a? @agentnateur
  • kp_kp12I ordered this morning! I'm so excited to try it!
  • agentnateur@samaraween thank you! I'm so grateful! I personally alternate between the two along with a peel. Email me
  • agentnateur@kp_kp12 thank you!!! I'm so grateful! I hope you love it!!!
  • d_b_m_bI'd love to pre-order but do you ship to the UK? X
  • coeur4lifeYou know I had to pre-order :-)! Can't wait!
  • agentnateur@coeur4life thank you thank you thank you!!
  • agentnateur@d_b_m_b yes ❤
  • samaraween@agentnateur ok just did
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