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  • huggiesauHuggies Ultimate Nappy range is our best care for bub's delicate and fragile skin. The Huggies DryTouch® Layer instantly absorbs wetness and becomes dry within seconds, leaving your baby's skin dry and soft. #HuggiesUltimate #HuggiesAU

  • angelinapapageorgiou@huggiesau hi huggies we are loving the huggies ultimate but we find the pull up range feels not as nice and soft and feels exactly like the normal nappies ? Why is this?
  • bells.nappy.cakesBest Nappies Ever!! 😍😍
  • huggiesauHi @angelinapapageorgiou, thanks for getting in touch. Our Ultimate range has been designed to provide our best care for baby’s skin. The Ultimate range have additional features – they are our softest and most breathable nappy, plus they have Aloe Vera & Vitamin E added to the inner layer. Please feel free to contact our care team on 1800 028 334 if you have any further questions. Thanks
  • huggiesauHi @bells.nappy.cakes, this is great to hear! Thanks for sharing your lovely feedback :)
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