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  • mandisaofficialIt was an unforgettable #HitsDeepTour, and an unforgettable last night (AKA Prank Night)! They got me pretty good...as you can see! Swipe to see some memories from this incredible group of people (including an epic @officialtobymac photo bomb! 😂) If you came to one of our 32 shows, I'd love to hear your top 3 favorite parts! Go!

  • mandisaofficial@shannon_carr19 LOL! 😂
  • mandisaofficial@courtney_lynne_2012 Have you entered the giveaway contest where you can win a Skype chat with me? Click the link in my profile and go to the "Out of the Dark Giveaway" entry.
  • mandisaofficial@tegonm Thank you! Can't wait for you to hear track #17 on my #OutOfTheDark album called, #KeepGettingUp! We're just #Unfinished sister!
  • courtney_lynne_2012Yes I have...but unfortunately I have never won one of the contests...so who knows...but it would be a dream to win it!! Seriously no joke!!! You are such an overcomer and I admire you so much! It would be amazing if I could win that 😉 if the Lord allows 🙏🙏🙏 @mandisaofficial
  • lacey_ukrainskayaThis is so awesome y'all are the coolest
  • vivymattI didn't get to go to a concert but following you on Instagram as you have toured has been awesome! Loved the posts from the bus!
  • christinalvs_godOh I see it lol 😂 thank you @mandisaofficial @officialtobymac that was hilarious 😂 y'all are such a blessing in our lives thank you for all you do 😇😇
  • elizabethrchan😂🤣😂🤣😂 That video!!!!! HAHAHA.
  • chmalekaI was in Indy and have to say seeing you "back" not just in body , but in your beautiful, over the top , full of joy , self was amazing !!!! I've been to many of your concerts and watched you slowly changing and knew something was "different "and off" .....You and your family was having so much fun , but yet you reach out to everyone and make such an impact !!! By being transparent you've made a difference for those with health situations , unsaved family , weight loss ( and gain) struggles and now depression , letting us know that as believers we can all fall short , but can still be used , and God still loves us .....Thank you
  • josmith9332😂 This is fabulous!
  • shel7131. That you all came to Connecticut 2. Revitalizing my faith 3. The entire show
  • apostolicgirl123I saw y'all near the beginning of the tour in Jacksonville Florida! 3 hour drive, but it was sooo worth it!!! My top three favorite parts were 1) getting to see all of my favorite music artists in person for the first time 2) seeing you and hearing you preform again 3) the glitter cannons at the end, that was so cool!!
  • apostolicgirl123Also, seeing so many children of God in one place praising him together, that was AMAZING!
  • sbear_28Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world! Finally got to see you in Greenville. Singing Overcomer on the top of my lungs was so awesome lol! Joy and beauty radiates from you! Recently found the clip from American Idol when you spoke grace and forgiveness to Simon. What a beautiful moment for the broken world to witness. Love you sister in Christ ✝️
  • mspaulapeel❤❤❤👏👏👏
  • wondramousThe tour was AWESOME! I saw y'all in Cedar Park / Austin, Texas in February and loved the show. Thank you for taking us on tour with you via instagram.
  • lizneric6113I was at the Greenville sc show and it was awesome the whole show was amazing 😀
  • maggie264bMy favorite top 3 was tobymac! mandisa! and hollyn! Hollyn is mai girl!!!! luv u hollyn and mandisa! u rock tobymac!
  • aholloway7Love it!!!! 😂😂😂😂
  • maya_mvpI was there
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