• maggiehdesignThe girls had a dance competition on Saturday and after 10 hours into the day you'd think this little 5 year old would be exhausted and grumpy.... nope, she was entertaining us during the breaks and begging me to stay until midnight to watch the older girls compete!! More on my instagram stories where she's working her famous toe pop and telling me she "has MAJOR skills!" Later when we left and we were walking to the car, she was still singing and dancing and I was in awe at her carefree happiness and ability to just enjoy life!! She's my constant reminder that happiness and good times are found anytime and everywhere... it's up to us to make our own joy!! #lizzykate

  • jolynn_page❤️
  • nataliepurserLove that cute Lizzy!
  • ehforrestOh lizzy! She's my fave!!
  • allieholmes2She's the cutest 💕
  • wendymcclendonOkay....Adorable! 💗
  • elledanielincwow! what a cutie!
  • maskcara_beccaShe's is too cute! And what a joy she's so happy.
  • missjeneesingsHappy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy. This just makes me happy.
  • renatewideraShe is that girl....she makes me sing Oh Happy Day...... I already missed your sunday picture I look forward to your wonderful pictures and inspiring words......
  • elisharomneyShe is SUCH a doll!!! I bet she lit up the stage!🙌🏼
  • melodyaholmesAgreed!!
  • la_momSo cute.
  • lindseyzempAwe I love lizzy💕
  • themothercoLove your feed maggiehdesign!
  • vintagevsvogueSo cute!!!! Kids bring out the sweetness of life at times when you want to pull your hair out! Love your instagram! I saw your dad and brother at Donna's farewell party...you come from such a sweet family I love them!!!
  • lisa_mparkinHow cute! Oh that girl is a special little thing! 💗💗
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