• thelifeinbetweenAlright, it's the first weekday of Easter Holiday, and I've actually managed to get some things done! 🙌🏻 Except for the moment when I was SURE it was Saturday, things went over really well. 😆 We definitely plan to take the rest of the week easy — we're considering a day trip or a quick overnight but still haven't landed on WHERE yet. 🤔 What do you think... Prague, Budapest, Salzburg, some other tiny village in Austria, or save money and stay in Vienna❓
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  • istylediyBRB: dying of jealousy. I've never been to any of them but please, go and take pics so I can die of jealousy some more 😉
  • whatsfordinneresqSo important to be organized
  • cara_kindlyunspokenA small trip sounds fun!
  • thejasminemariaI've never been to any of those places but it sounds like fun.
  • sewmoniqueEverything sounds amazing!!!! Wherever you decide to go... I can't wait for all the photos! 💖
  • valuemindedmamaI love this post! I just cleaned our whole living room and organized our bedroom! Feeling accomplished 👍🏻✨
  • chefdiego010Amazing picture !
  • _whiteafterlabordayThey all sound like good choices!
  • alliegee319Those all sound like amazing places to visit 😃
  • lightdarkshopOh man, prague or salzberg! Both so fun
  • mybigyellowcouchAny of those places sound amazing!
  • typicallyjaneOh my gosh wherever you go please take sooooo many pictures!!
  • xavierbelroseAwesome profile
  • josiekharveyshortThis is such a beautiful picture!!
  • kallie_brancifortePrague is a winner for sure! Although my husband and I are on a big save money and stay local kick right now and the mindset really has saved us a lot of 💰 it's awesome! so I can't not suggest that either! Life is a balance act haha
  • ablissfulhavenMy to do list is never ending! Enjoy the holiday!
  • shannongeurinThe tiny village in Austria sounds DREAMY❤️💌
  • kapz.s👌
  • treasuretrompMy vote is for a small village!
  • bikinisandbrunch😄😄
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