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  • johnphilbin_#Alex Gray!
  • millenniumfoamAlso those two boards on the viral @americanair having a bad social media day survived a @hawaiianairlines plastic tape and shirt bag due to some genius creating a policy which only allows 2 boards per bag. Even though 4 fit perfectly into the current travel bag companies designed for four its not possible to pay more for the two additional boards and leave them in the nice compact bag designed for 4. You must put them in another bag. Who brings a spare surf at bag? Plan B entails making a bag out of preferably duct tape but in this case clear airline baggage tape and tshirts(as the agent didn't count the straight tape job as a bag because she could see the boards so a TShirt wrap vaulted us thru that hoop. Perhaps @americanair could tell @hawaiianairlines to change that ridiculous policy to charge by size and weight as they do with luggage. They don't ask you how many pairs of pants you have in your suitcase. Either the case is to large or heavy or not regardless of how many surfboards or pairs of pants are in the bag. And @hawaiianairlines can tell @americanair that they should as quickly as possible show them sending a check to @a_gray for entire value of his grossly damaged boards. When a person signs that tag because they have to they expect bags / boards can get some dings not ruined.
  • michael_james333DON'T FLY @AMERICANAIR
  • sblack_pgaa👍
  • waterdogbyculpenThey have refund limits on their policies also. I believe it's around $2500 for most Airlines.
  • marcusschaefer_officialNice shot
  • kurtiseyewearMagic Stick, priceless
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