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  • mandisaofficialI have a turkey problem! 😱🦃

  • 839weaverEarly Thanksgiving ???? 🤔
  • julianne_ceiMy husband and sons would love to come take care of those turkeys for you. 😜😊🦃🦃
  • birchwoodcreekart😂😂😂
  • amanda_leathermanYou have a turkey opportunity! 🦃
  • bplanilouToo cute 😂
  • ronfellyThey're evil! We have a bunch of wild turkeys here and they're mean. Be careful. I actually got chased by one before.
  • crystal_spencer_Dinnertime!
  • cocanocola27Ooo groceries delivered fresh!
  • cvtmom23Yum!
  • brittnicolefanzAnd quote "BAHHHHH" - @mandisaofficial ❤️❤️😂😂
  • cpursup77_hamlet@mandisaofficial Cool!!
  • chrisnewestbreedhorton16Let them keep coming and on thanksgiving you will have a natural fresh killed turkey
  • lexyrosson243I can kill em for ya
  • nani.2.threeUh no,@mandisaofficial be afraid...lol! We have them too & the Tom turkey stands guard and chases our car up & down the street! Turkeys have spikes on their feet too. Don't mess with the male turkeys that have females with them. 🦃 😳
  • pamrunyonYou are cracking me up!!!!
  • carsonjanieLol I have the same this time of year!
  • zetta12They are very annoying . We have 5 in our backyard ( outside our fence ) , but they climb on the neighbors deck and then his roof and walk all over the roof. 😂
  • ploverstationYou are sleep deprived. Lol. When I moved here about seven months. I was living in a little country town. My neighbors kept chickens and roosters in their yard. They would wander down to my house and hang out in my yard and it would drive my dog crazy. He was inside. We call them.gangsta chickens. One day one of them got brave and came up on my porch. It sat on the top step and played statesmen with THE DOG through the window panes on the door.and we were in the city limits!
  • virginialockwoodThey look like good eating, Mandisa 🤣
  • jlfchambers@bhaney07 😂
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