• jonathan_merrittThree years ago, I called it quits as a preacher. I'd been a teaching pastor at an evangelical mega-church and was burnt out and bedraggled. I had quit my job and moved to NYC a year earlier after I felt I heard God say, "Stop. Go." I entered a period of church detox--no more sermons, no more spotlight. I was tired of performing *for* God. I just wanted to be *with* God. A waterfall of grace washed over my life, rinsing away much the religious gunk I had accumulated over decades in performance-driven religion.
    Last week, I preached for the first time since taking my three year hiatus. Nervousness reigned. I feel like my theology and my thinking has radically morphed in the last three years. As a result, I am having to relearn the art of the sermon. On Sunday, I wore a black shirt to hide the sweat rings, and I was drenched before I even walked up. .
    I stumbled my way through that Palm Sunday sermon about what it means to feel dead-dog disappointed with God. I even shared my struggle with a mysterious chronic pain disorder, which I've never shared publicly. If you decide to listen, I hope a drop of the grace I've experienced in recent years eeks out of my mouth and touches your spirit. LINK IN BIO
  • jonathan_merritt@heathergerard71 :)
  • vickiereddy
  • goldens_gleeThis is great!
  • pete.michael.johnsonnice
  • rebeccachingmftWow. And thanks. I am moved personally by this sermon and also am welling up with tears knowing many hearing this message may have a little more courage to ask for help, a little more hope to keep showing up and even a little more faith as they rumble with healing their pain because they feel less alone because they hear this and say, "Me, too." Looking forward to sharing. Grateful for your voice.
  • jonathan_merritt@rebeccachingmft wow, Rebecca. You have no idea how much this means to me!
  • nickialarsenI'm anxious to carve out some space to listen. Just recently I heard the same "Stop. Go." from the Lord. And I am encouraged that I'm not alone, while your words offer hope for me as you wrote, "I was tired of performing *for* God. I just wanted to be *with* God." Thank you for your vulnerability with your written words as they have tugged deeply on my heartstrings.
  • jonathan_merrittKeep walking. We journey together!
  • danieljusticecaseyIncredible message. My wife and I have been praying for healing for a brain tumor for over five years. We've felt the let down countless times. We have to fight for the truth that God is good.
  • jonathan_merritt@danieljusticecasey Thank you so much for sharing. I can't imagine the pain and heaviness you feel. Praying for strength!
  • alexei_laushkinThis is quite good. Reminds me it s easier to have grace and compassion when you've done the painful work of letting God be God.
  • jonathan_merritt@alexei_laushkin Thanks so much for the encouragement, Alexei!
  • alexei_laushkin:-). It's very honest in a way that Nouwen talks about in wounded healer.
  • alexei_laushkinGod handling us as we are. He s not needing more
  • kirstenpowersLove this sermon ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • ryanllashtonThough I don't know you, I read your work whenever I can. I respect your journey, and appreciate the contribution you've made in my life. Thank you, @jonathan_merritt
  • jonathan_merritt@ryanllashton Awww man. Thanks for the encouragement. Means a lot!
  • debbiemcdanielThank you, bless you @jonathan_merritt ! God is Mighty in you...
  • stinavingrenWow. Touched by this glimpse of your story that I sort of just stumbled upon. Which I can totally relate to in some parts. I'm definitely gonna listen!
  • _megnewWhere can I find the link? It's come and gone. 😉
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