• tinyrayofsunshineSo a little while ago I got these nifty Zebra Mildliners to try out because they caught my eye with their soft pastel color scheme. They are highlighters with a pen/fine tip marker side which makes it easy to highlight as well as underline or write. Highlighters are usually bright neon colors so these with their softer palette sparked my interest and I'm happy to report that I rather like them! Sometime last year I shared a photo of a page where I was playing around with a soft pastel palette with some colored pencils and I really liked how soft it made the page feel. Which is why my interest was piqued when I saw these as they have their own kind of softness to them while still being pigmented. I grabbed this 15 pack of all the soft colors and when I shared them on my IG story a little while back when I first got them, someone asked for the link so I figured others might also be curious (amazon affiliate link): •

    Have you tried these? 😊💕 #BulletJournal #BulletJournalPenTest #zebra #zebramildliners #mildliners
  • biabf@tinyrayofsunshine ohhhhh thank you a lot!!! I'm gonna try it!!!!
  • tinyrayofsunshine@jamies_journal Fair enough! I'm not too keen on highlighters to be honest so I was surprised I liked these as much as I do!
  • tinyrayofsunshine@bobanotes I'll have to get them to find out! 😋
  • redheaded_arabI jus got my first handful of the mildliners in the mail today, I'm already loving them and I haven't even started using them yet lol
  • its.kathrHiya?
  • its.kathrWhats new in your world?
  • tinyrayofsunshine@its.kathr Just some greetings 😊
  • anneadelineWell I'm glad I saw this post because I didn't realize my set had two sides! 😂 I've just been using the thick side for highlighting. Oops
  • mubark_almannai2007@books_island1
  • hf.28@hoangg.thuyhang
  • lee_loreleiI love my mildliners too - I think I use them on a daily basis since January! 😊
  • tinyrayofsunshine@anneadeline heheh, no worries! The more you know 🌈 😊💕
  • bujoetmoreMildliners are the best, I use them every day 😍
  • livejoyfulandhealthyThank you for the great review! I have been 'eyeing' them for awhile, and you convinced me! And it is great to see the color chart for all of them 🌟❤️
  • redheaded_arab@tinyrayofsunshine do you by chance use TomBow markers?
  • tinyrayofsunshine@redheaded_arab I have one of the packs, don't use them very often though. Why do you ask? Did you want a sample page of those as well?
  • redheaded_arab@tinyrayofsunshine I was curious bout whether or not they were worth the investment?
  • tinyrayofsunshine@redheaded_arab Ooh, well it's up to you whether you like brush pens. They are large and pretty flexible. There's definitely a bit of a learning curve. You could try one of their packs or buy an individual pen to try out for yourself. 😊
  • redheaded_arab@tinyrayofsunshine this is very true, so far the website that I've found with the best pricing for tombow, zebra & other brands is Sadly my account is in the negative right now so no new fun things for a bit 😔
  • noir.jpi really want to get these but idk i heard they seep through pages easily? 😭 what do you think of them? would really love some feedback :')
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