• carlablackmarRepost from @politicalgraphics for day 9 of 28 brainstorming signs for the #peoplesclimatemarch, #peoplesclimate. Drought is already one of the most serious impacts of climate change, and serves as an early demonstration of corporations moving in to pick over the bones of the disaster they've wrought by buying up water resources and then selling it back to beleaguered communities. At the same time, divestment from public water systems forces the type of disaster we saw in #Flint, where a change in pH caused the existing lead-pipe infrastructure to leach into the supply. The answer? We need to double down on our public investments in water infrastructure, and support it by drinking #tapwater, reading and caring about our water quality reports, and watchdoging organizations like @nestle that are essentially bottling and stealing water that belongs to everyone. #makewatervisible #worldwaterday
  • faucetfaceWe think this is great.
  • temytaylor9.5Great post.
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