• expeditionportalField Tested: Nordic Pocket Saw (@nordicpocketsaw)
    Christophe Noel / March 31st, 2017 (@christophe_l_noel)
    "Leave it to the Swedes to perfect the hand-driven chain saw. The Nordic Pocket Saw isn’t a reinvention of a design, it’s the perfection of it. Every major link in the 26-inch long chain is fitted with a sharp but low-profile double-bit cutting tooth. Those teeth cut in both directions and give the saw more cutting power per stroke while aiding in the smooth and effortless movement of the chain over wood. The two large webbing handles are comfortable and keep weight and bulk to a minimum. The entire saw including the durable nylon case only weighs 4.2 ounces or 120 grams."
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  • blakeproudfootLooks like a brilliant little setup!
  • petrolburnerI just tested one yesterday. Pretty cool and very lightweight and compact. On a larger, soft pine, it's hard to have enough horsepower for such a sharp chain. Might be a little easier to use when the chain dulls slightly.
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