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  • basketballforeverRussell Westbrook CLUTCH GAME WINNER on RECORD SETTING NIGHT!
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  • phoforyou@noah.bl.vincent Bro Westbrook is only getting triple doubles 😂 Relax. If LeBron , curry, Durant really wanted to they can average triple doubles as well. Westbrook is the real idiot here killing himself for that. LeBron and the others are chasing rings ! They're playing smart. Westbrook in the other hand know damn well he can't lead his team past the 1st round. All he doing his chasing triple doubles. He should get most improved player rather than mvp
  • wavyquezWestbrook has to kill himself for those triple doubles because if he doesn't get them his team doesn't win you dweeb 🤦🏽‍♂️ @phoforyou
  • phoforyou@wavyquez that's the most stupid shit I've ever heard. You don't got to average a triple double to get your team involved to get a W. That's ridiculous. Only reason why Westbrook averaging a triple double is bcuz Durant left his ass. That's pretty much the main reason people want Westbrook to win mvp bcuz Durant left him for Curry. Mvp award means nothing if it goes to Westbrook. Definitely 1st round exit and just not worthy. Triple doubles are cute and all but if you got to average that for your team to win then either he's doing too much stat padding it or he just don't trust his teammates. Either or he's not deserving for mvp
  • wavyquezFirst off I'm not reading that essay. Second off his team wins the majority of their games win he gets a triple double so clearly it's necessary for the W. and winning is all that matters 🤷🏽‍♂️ @phoforyou
  • noah.bl.vincent@phoforyou you fr just said curry and Durant could average a triple double 😩😂 I'm done with that convo on that note
  • noah.bl.vincent@phoforyou and the MVP isn't even decided until the second round so if he makes to the second round he deserves it. Nobody gives af who Durant who for the fuck this basketball not a soap opera
  • teeisaiah@phoforyou curry would not avg a triple double
  • leefleeleeWestbrook MVP 🐐
  • jackpobrienThat's 1
  • 32_savvClutch 🏀💯😈🔥💦💸👌
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