• josherwallaIt's hard to believe this was five years ago today. But, I share this picture every year on this date, because this is what LOVE looks like to me.

    This was right after my Mom's double mastectomy and the moment my parents were reunited post surgery on what was their 38th wedding anniversary.

    What has struck me about this photo is the love in both their eyes. The concern and hope of my father and complete devotion of my mother. I can't remember what was said, but words can't convey the whole message being shared.

    There's a lot to celebrate today. Not just for my Mom being five years cancer free, but 43 years of marriage for my parents.

    The decision they made over four decades ago set the tone for our family and the searches all us kids would make in finding a spouse.
    If I've learned anything from my parents' relationship it's that no matter what trial is in front of you, it's tackled together in love, faith and devotion to each other. Which is symbolized so well in this picture.

  • julie.ghansenLove you mamma hansen ❤️ still beautiful 💗
  • trishwarnockBeautiful 💗
  • wardsgottarunLove this! 👍
  • coachsteph.runLove it💕
  • 1alycat❤❤
  • holly.runSo special!
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