• theclassbyttOoooh - the force and strength one can feel from a kind and humble masculine energy.
    Men, please do not beat your heart until it is unconscious. The power of connection through vulnerability and authenticity is potent.
    We are often asked "do men go to The Class?"
    In the 10am class with @jayceegossett we counted 10.
    Theres only one thing you need to be to come to class.
    So yes, it's for you.
    PS - the men in The Class are the kind we think you may want to be around - you know, the incredibly strong, wise, real, willing, open, intelligent and able kind of guy. And pretty smart to follow all those incredible ladies ..... #comeone
    Beautiful image, quote by @nayyirah.waheed

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  • everydaybuddhaAh, love this
  • wattersonlovesfig_@tmacfitness 👆👆 take heed mister! You're lucky to live near her LA studio! Spread the word to your fellow male counterparts (I wish the class was mandatory for all middle school and high school students)...just the other day I heard teenage boys bragging openly in public about their girlfriends physiques...the way they were speaking was horrendous, offensive and inappropriate on every human level imaginable. I said something to them. They stopped. The point is I shouldn't have to. The class is such an incredible tool to learn to be kind, compassionate and accepting. You don't get a "pass" because you're a teenager, show some respect to the girlfriends you are cuddling up to. For heavens sake!!! They need you too @tmacfitness!!! 💯💯
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  • desicrowleyKeep up the amazing work you're doing!
  • callmeabobBring your beau to class @theusualck? cc: @mbob6 @benstickney
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  • silviacantustudioI'm in love with your feed!
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