• a_grayThank you all for your comments, re-posts, and DM's regarding my @americanair board destruction. After seeing my previous video post go viral, it's very apparent this isn't about me, it's about US. This is about the surfers who love to travel and expect their boards to be handled with care after paying hundreds for them in excess. Seems like it's happened to all of us at some point. Yes, 4 of 5 boards of mine were broken. Yes there is a black residue on two of them which appears to be from a tire. Yes one of them was broken in half from the middle and put on the bottom of the bag where I didn't pack it. And yes, that means my bag was opened and re-arranged. But what stings the most is #americanairlines charged me $150 in excess fees to allow this destruction. I paid for all of this! Why is other sporting equipment free?! On a happy note.... thanks to all of you, I have an incredible following of passionate, positive humans. I will do everything I can to use my platform in hopes of a change for once in this ongoing "surfboards VS airlines" dilemma. I will update you as my claim is processed. Hopefully that's sooner than later. Again thank you all for everything. Please continue commenting on @americanair Instagram as I believe that's the most powerful response. And feel free to use this hashtag #americanairlinesbreakssurfboards to tell any of your stories similar to mine.
  • jonnynichollsHave you seen this mate @davetraylor so shit
  • kevin_seitsSo annoying that we keep paying this constant high fairs and gay treated so terrible thanks you for speaking out!!!
  • mal.jha70Ohhh maaan😥😕👎💔That's pure barstedry by the air line & it's staff & luggage handlers
  • gregdelcardiffLess chatter, more matter.
  • gregdelcardiffClass action lawsuit needed
  • davetraylor@jonnynicholls so mental.
  • alecsarcevic12@fredd_eye @the_stout
  • gavinpops.sk8.surfSo wrong in many ways
  • lurchasSorry this happened to you but thanks for doing this. Your gona change things for the better.
  • nautilus_aus#nomorebrokenboards
  • aubeda1Ouch
  • ji_bays😤😡
  • the_life_of_evanIt hurts my heart just to look
  • mjdaysurfSorry about your boards! WTF! I hope and pray all attention and support makes a change to the Airline board policies. Where else on the free market can you take somebody's market to transport something and not be held accountable? This has got to change.
  • misslaurenmurrellWow...
  • reapersnightshadeThis makes me sad, and I'm not even a surfer.
  • stm7kidsJust went to Fiji middle of march,flew AA to LAX. Bag was unlocked. Got to Fiji and my LB fins and center bonzer fin was stolen.
  • stm7kidsAlso had major damage going to Hawaii on AA 2014
  • ericdileoI sent to the news manager at Fox News. Hopefully they pick this story up bro! Sorry to see the damage. Was painful to even watch!
  • zallaricardo@ricardoloch
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