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  • willsowoodI'm so ready.

  • j_nipperI see Bloodshot Buck notes 😁😁 any more news from the world of publishing? xx
  • willsowood@j_nipper I'm currently in the final stages of working on another novel with my agent! I'm hoping I can focus on Bloodshot Buck again after that. I've been doing plotting and note transferring for BB though with a new, awesome planning program for authors! It's literally my notebook, but digital form. I'm so excited. No more shifting through paper, I can hyperlink everything :D
  • j_nipper@willsowood ah that's awesome!!! Another book?! That's amazing, can't wait to have a read through 😉😁
  • willsowood@j_nipper definitely check out www.storyshop.io Its the new programme I'm using :D
  • j_nipperYay, I definitely will do!!
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