This is one of my all time favorite sparkler exits. Because it was chaotic and no one knew what they were doing. Much like the case in most weddings. But i see beauty in it, the random, the quirky, the imperfect. I think is what makes life priceless, right? I mean besides two people who love each other and are willing to make life time commitment. What else makes anyone's wedding different and memorable. It's the people, the things that happen. Those memories which will dissipate faster than the flowers will wither. It's odd how memory works. So when a hundred people, are all going in a hundred different directions but there for the same reason. When a couple is in the middle in a heightened stage of life and euphoria and their minds too are going in a hundred different directions but ultimately together. This is the difference. This is what makes our weddings unique, and really worth remembering, right??
Of course I will always include in every gallery many images that are predictable and to be fair also desirable. Portraits with grandma and even a few table shots. But ultimately this is what personal gift to all my couples as I try to serve them as their eyes and heart for their wedding day
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