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  • goosebossThe smell of Russia still lingers in my nose after reading this great novel; just finished reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I drank many teas through the book’s 900 pages. #reading #bookstagram #books

  • emily_dangerLooks like a scanner Darkly
  • rafalwegielIs this the new Batman movie ? :)
  • gooseboss@rafalwegiel it can be, hopefully it's marginally better than the last one.
  • studio360.proLove the Batman mug!
  • gooseboss@emily_danger I still have to watch that, is it good?
  • emily_danger@gooseboss you should just read the book. Wayyy better, but I think that movie was one of the first to use this animation techniques. The books by Philip k Dick. Who wrote blade runner and the book total recall was based on.
  • emily_dangerAlso how do you like Anna karinina? It tool me a long time to finish but I thought it was great.
  • gooseboss@emily_danger I'll check it out thanks.
  • gooseboss@emily_danger I loved this book. Took me 21 days. Miss being in the book so to speak. Have you read Crime and Punishment - Dostoyevsky?
  • ander.lo👏👏👏
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