This is such a perfect day for smovey! 💚Preparing for the upcoming World Parkinson's Week I think we couldn't be more spoilt with the weather! ❇️ For me #brainhealth and #mobilitydisorders are between the most important matters as I have been impacted heavily by it as a child in regards to my relatives. ❇️Do little things in order to train your brain and body balance in a preventative way - ⭐️clean your teeth standing on one foot, ⭐️get up of your chair without using your hands, ⭐️stand in the (empty) tube balancing with your feet, ⭐️do prolonged fasts twice a year and ⭐️be with your family, building and maintaining relationships friends as much as possible. There is more but this is a good start to maintain your balance and brain health! Please subscribe to my newsletter (link in bio 👆🏻if you want regular updates on these matters ✨#healthcoach #trainyourbrain #parkinsons #parkinsonsawareness #parkinsonsawarenessweek #mobilitydisorder #smovey #smoveycoach #smoveywalk #fastingcoach #fasting #eatfastandlivelonger
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