• domicile37I was tagged by my lovely friends @coppercorners @natasha.meininger @design_it_vintage to share 20 facts about me.
    1.I am not photogenic. I took about 100 pics to get this one shot before my battery went dead.
    2. I have a love affair with floral busy patterns.
    3.The uglier the item, the better...
    4.I am not much of a geometric person in terms of style and decor.
    5. I can listen to @palomafaith and Jessie Ware all day long👌🏽
    6. My ideal vacation is touring Europe and soaking in all that rich history.
    7. I am an army brat and lived in Hawaii for a total of 8 years. With that known, i am not a water/beach person. It is NOT my jam😬
    8. I am obsessed with European interiors. I believe that they have such a bold impactful style. ❤
    9. It breaks my ❤ when I see perfectly good "old" homes get torn down and replaced with a new home. My soul aches every time😢
    10. I was told that the cranberry red or Merlot is my go-to color to add that POP!!!
    11. My husband and I are both mixed. Since ppl openly ask me this question....all 3 kids are mine. They all have the same parents despite the obvious differences. When you are mixed and have mixed babies, they come in all colors with different features.👊🏿 12. If you see random emojis from me on your comments, those came from my kids!😂
    13. When I straighten my hair, i dont wash it for days. To add volume to my hair when it is straight, I put it in a top knot over night then take it down and roll with it.
    14. I cut my hair in 2014 into a pixie cut because I was tired of prepping my hair. It went down to my behind.
    15. My hair needs a dye job😬
    16. I went to school for design and was the only girl in my field🙌🏽
    17. I don't like to iron.
    18. I like a mix of styles. >eclectic
    19. I have a love hate relationship with the color white.
    20. This is one hell-o of a list😬

  • domicile37@brightgreendoor yep, I went to design school! I planned on being a top notch architect and I minored in interior design. All my career choices post college was design oriented👌🏽
  • domicile37@nestdelray thanks love!😘
  • domicile37@imezbreezy thanks Bre😘
  • domicile37@cynthiazamaria 👌🏽😘❤
  • biggerthanthethreeofusWhat?! Not a water person?!
  • domicile37@biggerthanthethreeofus nope, but I drink lots of water if that counts🙌🏽
  • whimsicalblue@domicile37 that's awful!!! Why do people do that? Ugh. I firmly believe that the construction on old houses is so much better than new. Let's save all the houses!!!
  • casawatkinsblogFab photo!!!!!!!
  • mila_jestcafeI love reading all of these! I know you better now!
  • domicile37@casawatkinsblog @mila_jestcafe thanks 😘😘😘
  • semiglossdesignI feel the same way about white. I think we should coin the phrase "pop of white." 😉 It has its place (in small quantities.)
  • nikjinSimply beautiful!!
  • thestripedhouseThe Europeans create such amazing spaces! 💕
  • fwmadebycarliLiar, liar!, 😂you're gorgeous, this shot is stunning! #6,9,13,17 and 18 are all me!!
  • designingvibesFreaking gorgeous 😍 so I would beg to differ on the photogenic thing. And I hate ironing too. Haha
  • michellematangiSuch a gorgeous photo of you!! Xx
  • domicile37🖤🎩🦊
  • houseofhipstersblogThe uglier the item the better is right 👌🏻🙌🏻
  • blackdiamondmasonryGreat stuff!
  • geraud_pfeifferLooks great! 👌
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