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  • kellyclarksonRiver's first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier 😜 #nutellagoodness #australiagoodness

  • popup.retail.scoutAdorable. Haters gonna hate. Do your thing mommy.
  • tonyhealeyPpl that have nothing better to do than follow other people and hate on them need a serious life adjustment
  • andrea.allanI just wanted to add some support on here for you about the Nutella! You are a great parent and all kids need to learn about enjoying ALL foods in moderation (which I'm sure you try to do as you seem like a reasonable person)!
  • itsalex27I ate Nutella one time and it gave me cancer. Just one time! Can you believe that?! Well the doctors couldn't either but I know more than they do.
  • rjsweeney1987@young_gawwd please provide your peer reviewed study proving this. If you don't have one stick to facts
  • iamjessastewCall 911 please for these rude people who criticize other people the way raising their kids. Please put them to jail. Judgmental and no sense of humor!!!
  • conniebordengaWhat a cutie!!!! ❤❤❤
  • badgrmomThat's sweet! You're right, it is good 😃
  • kahlane1Kelly ignore these holier than thou people. As you know, everything in moderation. My kids loved Nutella. I still eat it every one else in a while. Your daughter is beautiful.
  • honeypiekidscomShe's beautiful just like you! ❤️
  • rhondahazlettI love it on toast
  • sexiemom06@leo._.gemini you shouldn't have any kids. There's nothing wrong for kids to eat Nutella. You clearly don't know how to raise a child.
  • amylayman37@heyyy_its_juliana come on, you have internet. Give us some links to this so called research. Who in their right mind would fund research to prove Nutella causes cancer. You need to finish school because you have absolutely no idea how the real world works. You are arguing with extremely​ intelligent adults but you can't even spell loser correctly. Sweetie, go play Candy crush . Oh and I would like this links to your 'supposed research claiming it causes cancer'. I'm sure you eat fast food with your friends and THATS worse. Don't berate a grown woman when you only recently learned to read. What are you 12,13 ???
  • heyyy_its_juliana@amylayman37 yup 12 u got a problem with that??
  • cgoldpai@kellyclarkson How adorable!!! Love, love, love!! 💞
  • amylayman37@heyyy_its_juliana omg what life experience do you have. I am laughing my ass off. My kids are in their 20's and never acted like a know it all like you. Please step down off your high horse, you are not a princess and it is EXTREMELY disrespectful to talk to an adult the way you talked to some of these people. Are you even old enough to be on IG? Lol I'm still waiting for your research papers. FYI, lying is not cute.
  • trikkinikki6Nutella and crepes sound yummy my girls love and looks he does too
  • amylayman37@heyyy_its_juliana you also need to apologize to these adults that you disrespected. Shows what a bad mom you have. My kids would have NEVER talked to their elders that way. It's pretty apparent your mom didn't teach you manners. Sad really.
  • mbragusaThat is too darn cute! Lol
  • imvtntBeautiful baby!!!!!! :D
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