So, I am in the middle of trying to finalize a few weddings I shot recently while I am  trying to slowly update my website too. 
As my friends  from  @thehonsphoto Jon pointed out I needed to show more and Brittany so eloquently said something in reference of how more couples should not be deprived of my work and how New York couples would eat this up. lol 
Anyhow, they were totally right. My IG account is full of emotional moments but my site was not. Also as my friend and mentor @spencerlum Lum also pointed how I need to focus on the concept of being "the eyes and heart" of the couples whose weddings I photograph. 
I been digging through some older archives recently and I've seen so much of of my current self in my older work and is nice to see this process due a full circle.
anyhow, Happy Saturday y'all, and like coach V said ... If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. ... thats a life worth living. 
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