• garylandOne of the greatest little cameras ever made, the Olympus Pen FT. I can't say enough about how much I've missed shooting film. Been shooting a ton and it is quickly becoming my new go to for my street photography: #film #filmisnotdead

  • sig76So cool
  • savonefotoG-Land-I heard gr8 things about this camera- btw What are u shooting for film these days? & where are u getting it processed?
  • garyland@savonefoto for sure. I have a few half frame cameras. They are so unique. I usually use it to shoot random street shit and try to pair up my shots so that they line up next to each other. I'll post some examples on Monday. I use Colortek for my processing and digitize then myself
  • savonefoto@garyland cool - look fwd 2 it - thnx 4 the info :
  • garyland@savonefoto no doubt
  • kristoferlonnaGot one as well! Really cool camera, used it for a couple of assignments back in the late 90s.
  • visitstrattonLove this follow us @visitstratton
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