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  • lagosmumsBelieve it or not parents in Nigeria actually home school their children.
    There are pros and cons to every side. Would you consider home schooling over traditional schools? .
    #LMOpinion #Education #NigerianParents #Parenting

  • labims@temitopeogunniyi
  • lolaudechukwuHome schooling, did that for my first daugther she didn't step into a classroom till she was 3 and half. It's not easy it takes alot but it was sooo worth it.
  • theoluchukwuWill the child take it serious seeing that he is at home with his mum?? Would love to.. buh am weighing in
  • temitopeogunniyiThanks @labims for the tag. Interestingly, @lagosmums , on the @schoolplusshow on @rainbow941fm this morning 9am, we're having @montessolu a mum who's homeschooling her sons. Please tune in.
  • bubumatiqueYes, I know a few mum's who are home schooling their toddlers right now. @lolaudechukwu, that's awesome. @theoluchukwu, you create a schedule /timetable that you follow strictly
  • lagosmums@sotariahomes read the comments below seems there are mums who are doing it here
  • lagosmums@sotariahomes @afrodagg check out @montessolu she is homeschooling
  • alternativelearningcentre@lagosmums its great that you've made home education a discussion point today! Yes yes yes, there are more and more families in Lagos, and Nigeria more widely, who are choosing to home educate their children and we are building a collaborative and supportive community for these families. Yes there are pros and cons, as with most things, but when it comes to home education, we believe the pros far outweigh the cons. For those interested, the two latests posts on our page @alternativelearningcentre give a little insight into our decision to home educate our children and our vision for the Alternative Learning Centre. CC @sotariahomes @asyianfashion
  • dunialagbe@ariteshoma thoughts??
  • rubiqedealsI know @kifayahmompreneur home school are 4 kids. May be she can give an insight on how she does it
  • sotariahomesThanks @lagosmums @alternativelearningcentre
  • afrodagg@lagosmums alright will do
  • labumideI know 2 mums currently doing it. Their kids range from ages 9 through 18, I believe. They have been doing this for a while now. They both have dedicated rooms in their homes that look like actual classrooms. One makes her children refer to her as Mrs. xxx during school hours. She said it helps structure in their case. The children overall are quite incredible in my opinion....the oldest is in a traditional school abroad now. Passed the standardized exams with really high scores. I wish I could do it but with mine currently being an only child, I believe she needs the social interaction of a traditional school. I also need the patience....I have taught at a traditional school and I do not believe it is my calling 😂🙈
  • adetolaleyeI like the idea of homeschooling my kids but I just don't have the the patience, doing homework with my almost 3 year old son drives me nuts at times and my 18months old daughter that I would have loved to home school just have a mind of her own and decides when she wants to have her class so I think come September it's traditional school for us
  • lagosmums@alternativelearningcentre we should definitely talk and she more light on this
  • alternativelearningcentre@lagosmums most definitely!! Let's!! 😊
  • alternativelearningcentreBtw, good looking out @lunadeeee 💗
  • lunadeeee@alternativelearningcentre ❤️let's build a home schooling community here for those interested 👍🏾👊🏾
  • sinosasi@kifayahmompreneur
  • chiomaochogu2016Honestly, I think the traditional system of schooling has failed. Especially when you consider the fact that every child is different. The one style for everyone is just not the way
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