• annamcnuff(Part 2/2) Spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week with another person for six months is quite possibly the most dangerous thing you could do to a friendship. It’s hard to explain the kind of relationship that develops through that kind of intensity.
    We are far from blind to one another’s flaws and cracks and ugly bits. In fact, we’ve seen everything there is to see (quite literally on more occasions than I care to remember). But at the heart of it all, there is trust, there is respect and there is patience.
    On the outside, Faye and I are very different. In certain areas we couldn’t be more different if we tried (take tent cleanliness for example — I live gleefully in a pig sty, Faye maintains a palace). But at our core we have the same stuff. The good stuff. When all we want to do is fly off the handle or sulk, it’s that good stuff that makes us take a deep breath and pause. The good stuff that allows us to tolerate the silence, or to look past the words that are spewing from the other’s mouth and to actually listen to what it is that they are trying to say — which usually boils down to: ‘I’m frightened’, ‘I’m frustrated’ or ‘I’m hurt’.
    In short, our friendship is like a Jammie Dodger. No one really cares about the biscuity bits around the edge of a Jammie Dodger, after all. Biscuity edges are ten-to-a-penny. Biscuity edges break, crumble and turn to dust. But the stuff in the middle — that’s what counts. It’s the jam that makes a Jammie Dodger special. And we both got jam in our middles.

  • radvanadventuresYour stories with and about Faye were great as well.
  • radvanadventuresThis social media world is strange. We have no actual connection save that Instagram has learned that I love mountains, travelers, outdoor adventure, dogs, vans, yoga, cycling, and strong women. Very happy that you popped up in my suggestion. Safe and happy travels to you and Faye as you wind down this amazing adventure (and perhaps return to "normal" life for a bit), while planning your next trip... Look us up if you find yourself in Northern California again...
  • treeweatherYou have a fantastic way with words .
  • apieceofcate@tswalton x
  • mtbinsightsThank you both for taking us along of this amazing journey
  • mike45acpSo happy and proud of you two!! I'm sure there were plenty of times you could have given up! Congrats on making it!! What's next! I'm going to have withdrawal not getting your reports!!!
  • daphnemoritzAnd I will have to Google a Jammie Dodger. Learn something new every day.
  • paolopan_1So awesome!!!! 😎😎😎😎 And the Jammie Dodger bit at the end was gold!!! ❤ 😃😄😄😄
  • xan2uHear! Hear! You are so right, AnnaMcNuff!
  • jayneyd17You two are a brilliant inspiration. I feel I have the same with my climbing buddy...and we only spent 3 weeks together. Your accounts of your adventure has been brilliant to read. I'm very inspired, thank you and enjoy the return home and keep in with your fab adventures and friendship. Well done. 😊
  • pippi_incarnateLove this! ❤ Yes to "I'm frustrated, I'm frightened, I'm hurt." And yes to life!
  • pippi_incarnate...and yes to friendship.
  • lancebonds5Well done. It's been fun to follow along!
  • stoked.4.lifeyeah ! 👊
  • questionlifealwaysAwesome!
  • mindfulproNice :)
  • airheadsAwesome pics! We're launching something pretty cool soon. Come follow us if you dig the gallery. 💫
  • pl0w_kingSuper!
  • aussie_bush_camping😉
  • neonmoonco
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