• zenniopticalOur Sausalito glasses add a touch of California chic to the New Age vibes of Sedona. #4413024 #ZenniOptical

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  • wesurvivedThis is the kind of stuff I like to see!🖒
  • independentboutique.com_💜
  • _brittanyv_I can't wait to get my glasses innnnnnnnn 😩
  • maloriec21I just got my very first order and I am in love with the 2 pairs that I got!!
  • govyrlLove this!
  • courtneybueno_23Super excited to get mine in the mail tomorrow! 😬
  • abimbola.beeDont purchase from this company it takes weeks for your glasses to get to you . They dont offer full refunds they only give you HALF of your money back which is obsurd even if you dont like the glasses . Youre better off purchasing from coastal.com at least their glasses are inexpensive ,DESIGNER, free shipping and full refund if dissatisfied !!
  • ms.nurse_roro@loving_mine
  • apleuneMy glasses were made incorrectly, blurry near the bottom. I have a friend look at them with a lensometer. Why do I have to pay retune shipping for them to be fixed? :(
  • maryloutomatoesDo u have a rose gold mirror finish?
  • rickynsarahHi can u please please please start show casing your glasses on people???
  • selkaineOfc it takes weeks to get to you. They have to make your lenses AND you even sign off on how long it takes to get to you when you select the shipping times. Yeah they give you half refunds because hello they made those lenses specifically for you. Why should they lose money for your discretionary reasons? And Coastal IS expensive. The frames alone are $60 - $100+ and who cares about designer when you just want affordable yet decent quality glasses. I work in e-commerce as my 9-5 so I can see zenni's policy from a different perspective and customers who think online companies need to bend over backwards for them seriously need to check themselves.
  • revo.dCan i get a coupon code from@you guys
  • pmvg88I received my glasses today and I'm obsessed I would order more glasses for your company thanks @zennioptical best purchase ever super happy😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • wanh209Was so ready to purchase my order but my PD was too small so sad!
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