• bagfulofnotionsAbout to put this on. #nomakeupmakeup #macnexttonothing
  • hlmajewskiOhhhhh, let me know please x.
  • bagfulofnotionsInitial thoughts @hlmajewski: you need very little product, no more than the size of a 10 cent piece. It settles into pores, grabs onto dry bits ok skin, and it didn't blend easily over my sunscreen. In other words it was a lot of work to blend, and I'm not super happy with the quality of finish. Still prefer Face and Body over this. I'll continue to give it an honest go, and maybe even try it without sunscreen tomorrow to see how well it fares. Thankfully it's rainy here tomorrow, so not too worried about skipping the spf.
  • bagfulofnotionsForgot to mention.. I think someone with normal to slightly oily skin would like this.
  • oneover.oneLove your whole feed
  • one
  • hashiro.officialthis is an eggcellent post I must say 🍳 👍 👍
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