Celebrating 60 years of making the world's most famous barbell - and we are just getting started. 
#eleiko #defineyourstrong #strongishappy #astrongerworld #60years #raisethebar #weightlifting #powerlifting
  • eleikosportCelebrating 60 years of making the world's most famous barbell - and we are just getting started.
    #eleiko #defineyourstrong #strongishappy #astrongerworld #60years #raisethebar #weightlifting #powerlifting

  • ccg_cartridgesCome on if you asked your followers which logo is better ... I Guarantee not a lot of people will pick the new one. Let me put it this way , you think if NIKE changed their logo they would do well ? 💁🏻‍♂️
  • barbellstrengthLook at you @_sansb! 🙆🙆🙆
  • glenottmannHate to be a dick but a good logo/good graphic design is hard to come by. And it's essential for good branding. The old logo was perfect! Logos sell products. Let's get that old logo back!
  • allen_dengeneresEleiko actually cares about the customers wow! Applaud. Still able to maintain their new logo
  • koing.chea.94kg@archertrainingsystems people are allowed their opinions and the last one was better imo. Doesn't really affect anything as they make great bars.
  • duquejorgem@eleikosport thank you for creating the most useful barbells, we use eleiko in Colombia and the quality and durability is amazing. Congratulations for your 60 years!!!!
  • thejosefVeleiko?
  • thespartancartonNice!
  • coachcurtisyyc@eleikosport I'm a total eleiko snob and I think the new logo is classy and legit!! I'm going to need a new barbell with this logo on the cap. Don't know why all the haters coming out but they probably don't even own an eleiko bar.
  • lennnnyt@_sansb 😻
  • crossfithamatekhetNice pic!
  • jfrisk83🎊🎉😍😍😍
  • bartaalclothinghoppaa! super 💪
  • lequipo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • fatty2firefighter@coachcurtisyyc or a person with OCD who owns a shitload of Eleiko items and hate the thought of the absolute clusterf*ck of mismatched new and old logos. 😐 Stupid reasoning to most I realize but I'm in disbelief at how bad this is. Have Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari for example ever changed their logos in a big way? Some sports teams have had the same logo (with minor tinkering perhaps) for a 100 years. Maybe the gym crowd is different and will love this change though. 🤔
  • fatty2firefighter@glenottmann Agreed. :/ Time spent on this logo change would have been better spent on modernizing their benches and racks in my opinion. Just one glance at similar products by Power-Lift or Panatta and it should be obvious to anyone really.
  • glenottmann@fatty2firefighter It's funny that you mentioned OCD in you other post. I have it an I also have 3 sets of Ivanko bumper plates in which the 25s and the 45s have a steel core insert and the 35s don't have it as they are from just before a design switchover. The shit bums me out at least a little bit every day hahaha. You're also right about the car logos in that they've stayed the same for so long and it would be unwise to switch them. Etching a logo into people's minds can't be bought with money, only with time. And now Eleiko has hit the reset and thrown out all that time.
  • fatty2firefighter@glenottmann Yay, I'm not the only one then! 😃 Haha. Ivanko is awesome *jealous* but it would bum me out a bit as well though. 😄 Exactly!
  • jr_lyndonNew logo is not good. You had a classic logo. Keep the old. Sad to see some designer advised you poorly.
  • jr_lyndonI worked in top branding agencies, this logo is bad.
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