We made 20 liquid watercolor/coffee filter eggs and out of all of them, these were her top two favorites 😁 I was honored that she chose one of mine, but I had a feeling she might--she's a sucker for stripes just like her momma πŸ˜‰ The process we used to make these was sooo fun. It involved pipettes so it was bound to be a hit! I found this idea in @familyfunmag a couple of years ago and saved it in my Easter file--I'm glad I did. You just cut egg shapes out of ironed coffee filters and use pipettes to drip liquid watercolors on them. Easy peasy! And perfect for all the eggs-ellent Easter fun going on this week at #kidartlit #getcreativewith #oursensorykids and #earlylearning101 😍πŸ₯šπŸ°πŸ’œ
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