• sarahaleyfitBIG GIVEAWAY for World Health Day! I think today is the perfect day to think about what being healthy means to you. I made my own list (Click the link in my bio to check it out.), and for each of the things that are important to me I reached out to my favorite brands and experts (that represent those concepts and help me live healthier) to see if they would be gracious enough to donate to an amazing GIVEAWAY. They ALL said yes!! You can read more about @hint @grazeUSA @mamawigswellness and @bexlife on the blog.
    For this World Health GIVEAWAY you will win:
    1️⃣HINT Variety Pack
    2️⃣4 weeks of Graze Box
    3️⃣Sara Haley Workout DVD Program
    4️⃣15ml bottle of the Essential Oil Serenity
    5️⃣Rebekah “Bex” Boruki's You Have 4 Minutes To Change Your Life
    Here’s what you have to do:
    1️⃣In the comments leave a note about what being healthy means to you.
    2️⃣Share and tag 2 friends.
    3️⃣Follow EVERYONE involved in the giveaway: @sarahaleyfit @hint @grazeUSA @mamawigswellness and @bexlife
    This Giveaway runs through the weekend. The winner will be announced on Monday, April 9.

  • treshamcfaddenBeing healthy means exercising and choosing healthy foods and giving the good habits to your children and family. @a1nettie @jenlha
  • brunerbabes3Healthy kids, healthy families, healthy communities - these things are my passion & they are all intertwined. I strive to empower parents and community influencers to lead a healthy lifestyle & pass on their habits to the next generation ❤ @jenjen38 @jannaangell
  • ashlie.coxBeing healthy to me means moving my body and fueling it with clean, Whole Foods, but also leaving room for my favorite treats! @wildatheart_fit @stephanie_harville
  • sarahaleyfit@ashlie.cox 😉
  • jennifercrewellBring healthy means giving my kids my best self. Everything from energy, "health" and confidence. Mind, body, and soul. @roni.elizabeth @amber_bertie
  • criiiistiiiinaaaBeing healthy to me means fueling your body with the best food possible, staying active and treating your self when you can. @wes_atkins44 @luciaramos304
  • munkeyshine4Healthy to me is to be happy. Mental, emotional, and physical fitness are all important to feel that healthy kinda happy and find a good balance. @jstagirlonfire @stevensonfelton
  • munkeyshine4@amdylama @gneiss_schist love the @sarahaleyfit sweat unlimited dvd!
  • stevensonfeltonLiving healthy means balancing the mind, body and soul. Being active, eating well, resting properly, enjoying the moment and doing what makes you happy. @chrysswen @kellyelizabethxo @toniperkins1006
  • theessentialmommaBeing healthy has really changed for me over time. I use to think that being skinny and healthy were the same thing. Now, being "healthy" is a whole life thing. When I say I am working towards being healthy, I want to be strong, fueled with healthy food, eating clean, balanced emotionally, etc. It is a lifestyle and not a temporary thing to get skinny. @xoxodarlak @mlsmith617 @kevnkim413
  • sarahaleyfit@theessentialmomma Yes! Couldn't have said it better myself!
  • sarahaleyfit@stevensonfelton agreed! "Being present" was #5 on my list which is really simply enjoying the moment.
  • sarahaleyfit@munkeyshine4 thank you!
  • xoxo_kaylor_xoxoOmg I would love this😍❤ healthy means to me giving your body the nutritional things it need, eating clean, drinking lots of water, maintaining the proper weight, exercise, and getting the right amount of sleep. Keeps you feeling confident about yourself also will keep you having a high self esteem and you will be happier and have more energy! Also you get to enjoy the things you love @alexiscoleman23 @alexandrafrisco_
  • sarahaleyfitYes @xoxo_kaylor_xoxo - it's an amazing giveaway!
  • butterburloverHealthy to me means being physically and cognitively able to do what is important to me at the pace that is appropriate. I've recently learned that mindfulness is key to balancing life and therefore health. I support my lifestyle with proper hydration, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly laughter so that I can continue doing what I love for years to come! @shelby.ellen @cheriestresing
  • marla_aychoBeing healthy to me is about living a balanced lifestyle that I actually enjoy. My family and I eat clean and care for our bodies and exercise 7 out of 8 days of the week and 1 day a week we will indulge and enjoy ourselves. This works for us because it gives us a break from always being strict :) I have 2 boys like you! One is 3 and the other is 14 months and I am 8 weeks postpartum with my little girl! @mima_esho @mimi.esho
  • munkeyshine4Whoever won this congrats :-)
  • sarahaleyfit@brunerbabes3 You are the winner! Please email me at info@sarahaley.com so I can get your mailing address! Congrats!
  • brunerbabes3So exciting! This amazing! Thank you @sarahaleyfit ❤😍
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