• asiantvawardsOur love affair with ALDUB began with we first supported @mainedcm in her KCA campaign in 2015. Remember? She won that by a mile!

    After being a part of ALDUB Nation, we even managed to get @aldenrichards02 to our awards in 2016.
    Just for you, we have already started negotiations on bringing ALDUB to this year's awards.

    We are now in the finals of the 2017 @thewebbyawards. This is our greatest challenge & we are really hoping for the ❤️ of ALDUB Nation to bring us across the finish line. There's no way, we can do it without you. If you love what we have done for you, and trust that we will do our very best to bring both @aldenrichards02 and @mainedcm to the 2017 Asian Television Awards, do give us your vote below. And we'll do our part! Deal?

    Call it blind faith, but we believe the fans of ALDUB Nation will answer our call & bring us home. Let's do this together!

    In ALDUB we trust!

    Please vote for us at the link in our Instagram profile or here 👉🏼 https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/social/social-content-and-marketing/celebrityfan

  • biaaazalodarbyDone
  • iammjonnaCount us in 👍
  • ambernaya12Count on us.😊 first spot 👏
  • borgoniaricajoycount us #aldubforever
  • aniger0324Ano pong category ? Hirap po kasi maghanap e..
  • mesnuggles30Done!
  • bhoydavide@aniger0324 ang category is Social-Celebrity/Fan....or isearch mo Asian Television Awards,lalabas n sya...
  • sannvalgoHow to vote??
  • loreliegmoralesDone voting! Goodluck!
  • loreliegmoralesadmin @zen071615 help natin sila...
  • neng.2265Done voting @asiantvawards
  • mengshie011571Done 👍
  • the_rittersI can do that, Aldub you @asiantvawards
  • qlit2zcora08@bhoydavide san ba sa.twitter or ig?
  • moana1261972@asiantvawards we want to see Maine Mendoza this year plssss.....
  • bhoydavide@qlit2zcora08 punta k sa vote.webbyawards.com then mag sign up ka...(your email,password is needed),after n mag sign up,punta k s email mo,para maconfirm yung pag join mo s webby awards..than pwede k.n mag vote...look for Social-Celebrity/Fan...then vote k sa Celebrating Asian Television...
  • qlit2zcora08@bhoydavide ok thank you..
  • hazeladolacionDone voting
  • ixarahlynDone voting last week but I'm not able to have screenshot of it but it's alright I'm glad that I did my part. God bless you more @asiantvawards 🙏 and thank you for your support to our AlDub 🌞.
  • ktl_96Received email notif from Webby Awards & I was disappointed that you didn't win your category. I've voted 5 times (I've used my siblings fb accounts for the other 4) 🙁but will try again if you're nominated next year. Thank you for your support to AlDub.
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