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  • stevendimmittPistol Squats. I started doing these in lieu of back squats six months ago because I thought they would have more carryover to rock climbing. When I started, 2-reps at bodyweight was very hard for me. Now I do them with a 45# kettlebell. I do pistols once a week, and I've never done more than 10 total reps per leg in a workout. I often do as little as 2-sets of 2-reps per leg. My weight hasn't changed, and my legs haven't gotten any bigger.
    Should Pistol Squats be a top priority for rock climbers? Probably not. Do stronger legs help with climbing? Of course they do.
    10 minutes a week. I promise you won't be too tired to send your project.

  • stevendimmitt@mrndak Yes! Keep after it 👊
  • wolfdog_lukaAw cool
  • shane98270Pretty sweet
  • stevendimmitt@cribbnwelp Right on that's so good to hear coming from you!
  • pnoges👊🏼very good !!
  • maxtepfer#stemminglegs
  • takeshiianNice man!
  • stevendimmitt@pnoges @takeshiian thanks guys!
  • r.kennaWhat gym is this?
  • nug_muncherHiking up the hill out of Smith every day does it for me
  • stevendimmitt@r.kenna Snap Fitness Butler Market location.
  • harry_tfnlSolid work 👌
  • essjeypeaYou're totally going to crush at the brown paper bag game next thanksgiving...
  • stevendimmitt@essjeypea hahaha my secret motive 😉
  • tinyeinnittThat looks miserable! It doesn't look like it should actually be possible. I'm very impressed :-)
  • icelen34@captainamerica0422
  • stevendimmitt@tinyeinnitt Coming from you?? I bet you could do them. It's just like a one-leg water ski start 😉
  • chossodysseyAbility to do at least one pistol squat is a crucial climbing skill IMO. I have the tiniest chicken legs and I can do them, so they're definitely not a gainer. Huge balance/muscle control component, like one-arms.
  • stevendimmitt@chossodyssey Yeah man, totally agree
  • tiff_exploresPistols kill me! Ahh!
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