• lballantSpringtime brings two things: more rain and a new @thebafflermag! Our official post-election redux issue, The Snare of Preparation: “Fascism is on the march in these United States, and the painful truth is that it’s been feeding on all the social forces we’d naively entrusted to a feckless expert class.” If you’re still pissed because you were steered wrong by the experts, professionals and pundits last year, these are the longreads you've been looking for.

    Thanks to @mattiasink for the cover, and @sampotts for his New Certificates of Expertise series (including a most perfect back cover). More to come soon.

  • maximillian.nycThe redesign frames the covers so well. Looks great!
  • sampottsThanks @lballant ! Was so much fun to do those!
  • ahappysmithDope!
  • johnjcuster🙌
  • mister_leo👌👌👌👌
  • new_yarek_timesThis is v good @lballant
  • lballant@new_yarek_times thanks! Great stories makes my job so much easier.
  • theworkshop.ch👍
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