• bronsonspeedco"Fast, Slick & Non-Stick" - Tungsten Coated Races
    🏁 Micro-thin tungsten dry lubricant coating is fast, slick and non-stick to minimize dirt, dust and crud build up
    🏁 Tungsten coating is an extremely slick, low drag, long life dry film lubricant with a very low coefficient of friction.
    πŸ‘‰#BronsonRAW πŸ‘ˆ Available at your local skateshop. Head over to BronsonSpeedCo.com for more info βœ”οΈ

  • tristan._16_@maxstevenkreutzer so which would u recommend?
  • maxstevenkreutzerCheck out @bronsonspeedco
  • mrsterjoel@hydro_glyph if you're not sponsored by them then go out and buy yourself a set like everyone else lmao
  • hydro_glyph@mrsterjoel please keep all non helping comments to yourself πŸ‘
  • mrsterjoel@hydro_glyph that was helpful..... if you aren't sponsored by them why would they send you a free set? Because you asked politely? Lol go buy yourself a set to test and if you don't like them then you don't have to buy them again.
  • kevin_pinsonLet's take our shields off and charge more!! πŸ˜‚ @dillon_greenan sellout
  • andred209SoldπŸ’°
  • no_wax_braeson😍😍 gosh darn those is fresh asfff πŸ”₯
  • applekohr4Kinda dope @will.dalton
  • ardana_04😍
  • cthshooterHow will these not be dirt magnets ? And what makes these so special why can't I pop the caps off of any other pair @bronsonspeedco
  • manwelliomy Gen3's are done after a month of having them, i don't know about these shieldless ones either. I'll try bronson one more time..
  • rxfranks_$40 Bucks sheesh, gonna try & win me that set fosho πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜‚
  • 29.4.1980What happened with the; 'Stright Edge Frictionless Shields' - how are we supposed to keep them clean and lubed, so they'll last? Why not keep them shileded (with higher quality shileds perhaps? ...ya'know you've got a problem!) and let us to choose if we wanna pop the shields or not? Also, no more Washers n' Spacers, why? are these *budget* bearings?
  • 29.4.1980@tristan._16_ Reds for cruisers and Swiss for life.
  • 29.4.1980@manwellio Same, the shields are weak as fuck (inner ones more than outer) - they didn't use enough metal on them, mostly cheap rubber and that's why they get wrapped after every session or so... cages are also very weak and seems kinda slim, I broke two in 2 weeks of skating and I do not skate hard. Shame, because when you first get the bearings they're very smooth. I still hope they'll fix this issues and I'll gladly give them another try.
  • 29.4.1980@maxstevenkreutzer worth it, the hype is real.
  • 29.4.1980@rxfranks_ for $40 you get Bones Swiss and with proper care - they'll last you for years. Sorry Bronson's, I'm not a troll or a hater, nobody pays me. I've bought two pairs of G3's and had shileds problem from day one, I've contacted NHS (I use many of their products; Indy's, Krux's, Ricta, OJ's, Santa Cruz and enjoy quality all. I gave your bearings a chance after of almost 10 years of only using Bones Swiss and I'm very disappointed from the lack of support and the product. But I believe that you can make it better, but not by removing the problem (mostly the cheap ass shileds) and asking for more money for a 'cooler' look.
  • _j_a_c_k_123_They will be good for fidget spinners!πŸ˜…
  • evan_skate_@bronsonspeedco. You guys did a really great job if i could rate higher than 5 i would it would be like 100
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