My heart skipped a beat seeing this picture. Mia our beautiful Yorkie that we got together . @steve.parke love this image !!! #love  #eternallove #shesanangel #mia
  • maytejannellMy heart skipped a beat seeing this picture. Mia our beautiful Yorkie that we got together . @steve.parke love this image !!! #love #eternallove #shesanangel #mia
  • jamilamajestyI bought Aurora a yorkie when she was 5 for 🎄 Christmas. So much connective material .....
  • bbygalrea@knownway Mia passed away in 2010 😢
  • eamaryannI love seeing photos of Prince with dogs. Sweet Mia
  • lala1295@patticake54 yes it's available on iTunes/iBook.
  • patticake54@lala1295 Thx
  • higgs70_🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
  • newdawn3121Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are brave, beautiful, inspiring, full of grace and intellect. He truly loved you. You were the one. Tragedy tore you apart but you’re gonna C him again Princess Mayte. Nothing you have written has made me think any less of Prince. On the contrary it has validated how breathtakingly romantic, deep, loving and human he is,. “Maybe we can fly away to Jupiter.....” Thx Mayte
  • beatloafstlAww Mia!
  • claireoddy12What a Cutie!...The Dog is 2 of Course..But The Owner is Just Something Else .. :) Prince Was On Another Level of Beautiful ..
  • princefanpageeeMayte you are truly such a beautiful soul without a doubt I know, Prince had many women but you could see the Love in his eyes & smile what you meant to him Prince had happiness when you both were together I haven't gotten your book yet, but know You both were so meant to be Forever! So sorry, that your lost of your son torn you both apart Prince would of been alive if only 😢 I love u, May God 4ever heal your heart💜 You are beautiful inside out! Y he chose you🙏
  • princefanpageee@maytejannell Haven't yet, gotten your book but know just the away Prince 👑 show his love 4you and chose to have his children said more than & he's had many women throughout but one can see how much love & happiness he had with you made songs 4you You showed him love like no other So sorry, 4 your lost but know Prince will always still be w you 💜👑🙏 true love was meant &I only wished you both were still he'd be here May God heal you arch day til u meet again 💜🙏🌹
  • fanniedixonAaaw so sad Mia passed away
  • sqfashionbabeThank you for introducing an "animal cruelty free" lifestyle to Prince. I always thought that it was he who taught you about animal welfare, but it was YOU! You forever changed his life in such an amazing way! God bless..
  • stromme_8@addy_moran
  • jaewoojiI wish I could have just held him if only for one night 😢
  • gracegfromnyThe lifesaving Mia was far more than a cute, little dog. All the best to you with the animal rescue work! (Amazing photo of Prince too. This is one of the best I've ever seen of him.)
  • taurian_dragonPrince has a calming peace about himself sitting there
  • griseldaly@missy_texacaligirl_
  • pundiparadoxPrince looks sad in this photo.
  • hair_by_zeegrl29😞my heart hurts...
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