Seven days. 10 million. How would you spend your quick fortune?
  • beblogaliciousSeven days. 10 million. How would you spend your quick fortune?

  • fashionablychictourI would buy stocks, pay a publisher for 5 books to be published by my children in the furture. Order 80 copies of Repositioned Crown an Anthology that Im a Co-author of. Bless my Mom cuz she really helped me when the sky was gray. Donation a nice portion to TSW, that helps sex trafficking victims. Travel the globe to all the hottest Vintage shops. Me and my girlfriends and some random women. Re-brand my business and randomly bless someone because God everyday blesses me!😊
  • christadavid.artI would gather my smart and kind friends and family on a private jet, fly to some fabulous beach house filled with balloons, cupcakes, lobster rolls and rose because 10 million dollars. Once assembled, everyone will whip out the mac book pros I got them log on to the Internet and pay off all their student loans, mortgages and whatnot (basically 2 million is gone by now) Then we'll drink more champagne and strategically invest and give to orgs and causes that are taking care of and changing the world. I wouldn't need a week. There is a lot of need in the world.
  • writerchanellePay off my family's debt and mine, set up college funds for their kids, buy myself a house and get it decorated, buy a car, put some in savings, take my first vacation ever, and invest in some stocks.
  • mayaeliousPay off all my families debt and then put it into families, churches, and organizations.
  • asktheprgirlTithe, debt and invest. Set up my kid's future. Easy. 🤗
  • beblogalicious@fashionablychictour Setting up that legacy. Good plan!
  • Oh! It's always more fun when champagne is involved. 🍾
  • beblogalicious@writerchanelle First. Vacation. Ever??
  • writerchanelle@beblogalicious Yep. I've only ever traveled for business or to do stuff for family. I've never just taken a vacation to do nothing and enjoy time off.
  • oldworldnewgirlStart a business while on vacation on an island somewhere lol
  • aunteerikReal estate. Merch. Staff. Global Trademark. Sprinter. JetSmarter membership. A case of Veuve Clicquot. Kipling set.
  • ladylaleebellaStudent Loans. In Home Recording Studio. Downpayment on NY Loft. That's it!
  • kandidkrystalPay off all debt. Buy my immediate family houses. Buy several vacation homes. Buy stock in Chick Fil A. Invest in small businesses entrepreneurs. Pay off some college students' tuitions. Give to HBCUs and my church.....
  • lexcoupe96Leave
  • prbyvrStudent loans. Investment real estate. Pay off all debt. Purchase a warehouse. Build not for profit. Build up my for profit businesses. Very long vacation to Europe in 5 star suites with a chef and translator along with first class travel to and through europe.
  • editorrapp😊
  • mommy.mogulI really like this! 😍
  • simplypassionatelifePay off debt, start college trust and retirement funds buy a house finance my first 5 books buy new laptop and recording equipment pay for a vacation, pay for my hubby to go to school full time invest in my siblings dreams, pay of parents debts buy them a new car and house I'm prolly out of money now... donate the rest to church and moms charity
  • elizamaryglobalInvest in real estate.
  • justinrgerrard👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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