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  • whitneyeveportThe first trimester is a real doozy. For those of you who had/have/will have it easy, you're lucky b*tches!  In this weeks Chapter of I Love My Baby, But I Hate My Pregnancy I talk all about the first trimester symptoms and how I dealt with them! Any helpful tips welcome for those who have yet to go through it and for those of us who will hopefully go through it again! Click link in bio for full video.

  • blb_events😍
  • diana_patricia26Thanks Whitney! Ppl who never experienced extreme morning sickness don't understand. It's extremely hard emotionally, mentally, physically.
  • megsegien012Omg @whitneyeveport I legit felt same that no one tipped me off about that sickness I also felt soooo sick and was like why did no one tell me this "morning" sickness is really 24/7?? So miserable. I hope you feel better and better as you go along! 💗
  • mollyyyjuneThank you for saying EXACTLY HOW I FEEL 😷
  • emilymetcalf10It's so refreshing to hear such honesty, and your feelings are so normal. Just a warning after baby comes there is still different physical discomfort and emotional trials that last awhile too; just had my first 7 weeks ago and I have struggled being hard on myself when the negative emotions creep in or the realization of it all feels overwhelming. Us moms and moms to be have to stick together, help validate each other, offer support, and build each other up! @whitneyeveport
  • bbskaiI feel you! I had severe nausea every single day for 4 months, nothing the doc prescribed me helped me so I basically cried myself to sleep every night! On top of that I had absolutely no energy whatsoever! I had to quit my job because of it. Puking,sleeping all day,pushing my husband away and crying everyday over feeling miserable..bless my husbands heart for being supportive even through everything! I swore I would not want to have another baby but now my daughter is almost 2 and can't wait to give her a sibling. You will cry tears of joy once you see your baby for the first time, you really do forget everything you went through once you hold your baby, trust me! Nothing will ever compare! Your heart will feel so full, so complete, so in love! 💓
  • mak_tasticSo refreshing to FINALLY hear someone else say these things. Everyone has told me how I will feel or should feel and I just want to tell them to F off. I was sick until I was 22 weeks. I have felt exhausted and miserable the entire time and now at 37 weeks I am finally starting to show and people expect that I should be excited. I'm excited to it be pregnant and to have my body back! Pregnancy sucks, it's not beautiful, it shouldn't be glamorized, if people say they love being pregnant they are lying! Thanks for being honest and making the rest of us who feel this way feel like it's ok.
  • haifa_dIt feels so good to hear it from another person❤
  • roosmiddKeeping it real! I felt awfull until 16 weeks. Everyone said to just enjoy being pregnant. Pretty darn hard when you feel like crap! Hope you will feel better soon.
  • lizzie_weiland@ellynlq @kapp31 lamby
  • lovemybabynoorI was sick for nine months. I threw up ten times a day and I had gestational diabetes... i'm traumatized for life.
  • natashajaraaa@kell13
  • jessicaschulz86So happy to hear it from someone else, everyone told me the sickness would go away but going on month 5 now and I can finally function but still feel horrible. I love my baby so much but it's like my body isn't mine anymore I don't recognize what's going on "love my baby but hate my pregnancy "
  • juliamawandeYep that was me! I suffered from HG (amongst other things!) with my first and I was in a constant emotional state for not even being able to even keep water down 😩
  • livemusicpleaseI'm not throwing up anymore thank god but still have nausea at month 7 - thanks for bringing this to light!! I agree that not enough women talk about the not so fun side of things. I love my baby but hate my pregnancy!
  • andreasilvani@lwojno exactly what we talked about!
  • babybobbinshopI definitely was an open book to all my friends about absolutely everything lol maybe even too much so ha ha. Because I was the first to have a baby and I remember realizing how many things they leave out of the "what to expect" books that you actually would have loved to know about beforehand!
  • mrsseatheworld@whitneyeveport love the Vlogs and couldn't agree more! I'm in my 2nd trimester and still feeling crappy 🤢. Hope it's getting better for you!
  • emma.gabrielle715They always say easy pregnancy, hard baby, and vice versa! My pregnancy was easy as pie, but my toddler is anything but easy! Hang in there!!
  • smurfygreen77@mak_tastic so true I always wondered why people seem to love it so much while I really hated being pregnant, and thought am I weird , I love my baby but hate my pregnancy , thank you Whitney
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