• avivalocaThe popularity of the salon continues. From social language to oral language to reading, writing, math, and fine motor skills, there is so much amazing learning in here. Even our lunchroom monitors got involved in the play. #engagemath #teachersofinstagram #iteachk #ctinquiry #cti_emergentcurriculum

  • michellefawcettThe grade 6 helpers proudly wore their name tags proudly the rest of the day, and home!!!!! 😄😄
  • avivalocaOh @michellefawcett! They are the BEST!!! @paulacrockett got some great photographs of them in the salon today. She's going to share them later, and I'll share them in tomorrow's blog post. Just the few small things they did in there, changed up the play in the smallest and best of ways!
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