First grilled pizza of the season. #warmenoughforwhite #springhassprung #israeliwine
  • jenlwiseFirst grilled pizza of the season. #warmenoughforwhite #springhassprung #israeliwine
  • jbowerengravingWe did that this weekend! It's so good. Yay for spring.
  • eclepineDo you have a good 🍕dough recipe you can share?! Sometimes mine great and sometimes I give up and just buy it from fogarellis!
  • jenlwise@eclepine I bought the dough at Trader Joe's- I *should* find a good recipe. Folgarellis has to be so good!
  • eclepineHa! If only we had a tj's. Although I heard the stuff from fogarellis is just stuff they get from Gordon food service, which does not sound very Italian.....
  • jenlwise@eclepine 😂 that IS disappointing.
  • wcampbell this is honestly the best pizza dough we've ever made. And if you make it in the oven make sure to heat it to 500 degrees :)
  • jenlwise@wcampbell thnx will check it out!
  • risenclassicspeedOh man that looks amazing! Every friday we do the same thing. 🍕🍕💥
  • alliskiOmg we just had pizza & wine (only we went out and it's raining) and I really wish we were already neighbors so we coulda done it together 🙁❤️🍕
  • jenlwise@alliski I wish we were neighbors every single day. 💁🏼
  • gloria.christianaPeperoni 🍕 & mushroom- my fav combo!
  • heather_maniThat looks SO good! Way to go, Jen!
  • perfectlyportfamilyThat looks delicious
  • graceappearsI want more deets about the pizza and wine. Um yum!!
  • ambermillerorg😊 💙 😊
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