• carolyn_svellerella@thecatholicwoman 's short film is live! Eek! I cried upon my first viewing in sheer relief that they didn't show the massive laundry mountain piled in the spare room. Joking! Maybe. I did cry though, but it was because of how beautifully @corynneolivia and @nickstaresinic created this film. It's such a gift to Craig and I to have a keepsake of this glimpse of this time in our life; to remind us both how beautifully God has worked through our life.
    I thought I knew what would empower me as a woman --and it did not involve getting married or having children (NO CHILDREN. EVER!). Somehow my heart changed and the path I walked down surprised me, and continues to surprise me over and over.
    I've got the link to the full video from @thecatholicwoman in my bio. Please go watch and follow @thecatholicwoman to share your own story. I cannot wait to see who they do next. ❤️
    Ps. I love this still of me and Jude in front of the oft photographed kitchen sink. 💛

  • inendlesssongBeautiful + inspiring. Thank you!
  • daintycateI just had a chance to watch this. Simply. Beautiful. I'm so glad the world has your voice and your art!
  • veronicita77@mr.jfmoreno window!
  • carolyn_svellerella@daintycate thank you ma'am. 😘
  • carolyn_svellerella@rachelselby12 hi Rachel! He is good indeed. Love you, and hope you're doing well ❤️
  • carolyn_svellerella@medmamma ❤️ I need the reminder constantly.
  • carolyn_svellerella@callherhappy awwwww 😊I deleted it too! Too many distractions!
  • tylertenbargeA beautiful short film - thanks for sharing your gifts @carolyn_svellerella
  • lmburekBeautiful video - thanks for your testimony!
  • carolyn_svellerella@mmrs.amanda.c and I you ❤️I'd love to see a letter from you to @thecatholicwoman I love your time lapse videos.
  • carolyn_svellerella@charebear17 wait a minute-- Charity? BAYSHORE? Like most excellent track and field running teammate?!
  • therealkatiewaldowThis was beautiful! 💜
  • charebear17@carolyn_svellerella lol yes. Miss you. Stumbled across your page Bc I think IG told me I'd like you lol can't remember. If so, they're obviously intuitive. I love your family 🤗 keep raising those boys right. And glad to see you're using your art talent for His glory
  • drogadodomuBeautiful and powerful! Thank you! ♥
  • mrsperezwilliamsThis made me tear up
  • two_bloomsDearest sister Carolyn, this video brought me straight to tears. So much of my life could be told through your words and I'm so grateful to have a best friend to share these gifts with. You are amazing, I live your boys, and I cannot wait to see more of your passion through your journey of motherhood. ❤️
  • colcol37Beautiful. 💖
  • phyliss.langfordI just watched your video I also follow your blog. God bless you.
  • sumrosevI cried watching this because it touched my heart in exactly where I'm at in my life. Thank you so much for this. ❤
  • ginnyshellerI just watched the video. It's really beautiful! You expressed yourself and your faith so well. 💗
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