• erhondeaugot off work a whole hour early this morning, walked home to bells from my favorite churchyard, caught a shibori dyeing workshop at blick's on chestnut (instructor, me, a tableful of white haired septuagenarians), hit up the high street just to try on trends (anyone else feel the need for high-waisted metallic pleat culottes?), and spent near two hours eating pretzels and a pop tart in the city's best pocket park talking about all of the things and then some with @olivia__manj while above-mentioned shibori dried in the spring-sweet sun. liked you a lot, wednesday.

  • doanuhtsMe: very jealous of your Wednesday
  • olivia__manj🐦📷?
  • erhondeau@olivia__manj haven't heard back from nat geo 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • martha.janeThat view. Of @olivia__manj that is. 👌🏻
  • kkaian🙌 such a good day
  • chark86😂 I am also always the youngest person by at least 35 years at any films or workshops I go to.
  • gildatravelsdream-of-a-day.
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