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  • mattbellamyBack in the studio. New song coming soon...

  • vtecboi@mattbellamy why do y'all never come to Memphis, TN?! It's the birthplace of rock!
  • sennaamanda_Finallyyyy
  • dragonianos2888they do extraterrestre contact with this a segun
  • dragonianos2888venezuela march of silence. there was beethoven silence song but they love this enter for a song searching for more.
  • acikmakMy idol ''muse''
  • danandphil.bangtanboysGetting MK Ultra/Glorious vibes
  • danandphil.bangtanboysGO TO TORONTO NEXT YEAR
  • map_of_the_unintended_station@in.your.muse
  • jody_bellamyplease come back to Indonesia Matt.. all of Muser here are waiting for you. hope you read this 😀
  • mariamusedPlease please release the new single!! 🙏💗🙀 @muse
  • awokenpleaserespondWhere are the trumpets for knights of cydonia?!?!?!?!
  • jakenolenmusicTHE MATTOCASTER IS BACK
  • fiji216I hear @joshuadun voice -.-
  • naoto_kyawaたのしちみ
  • ibrokeupmcrOh god please don't do any songs with an overrated group like 21 pilots. And I thought Trump becoming president was bad...
  • tirskih_konstantin@mattbellamy go to Russia, need you song)
  • a02024I missed you so much, muse. :'''
  • nilla_geidisPlease release new song..we are really miss @muse BACK !!! love from Jakarta-Indonesia,💓💓@mattbellamy @
  • infernus_davidianAwesome!
  • mthnsolakAttention please. Hi Matt. I got a major problem with my girlfriend who is a big Muser (she knows and sings all your songs she really loves you even it is beyond love I begrudge you because of this situation) and I broke her heart really really bad. We will not be okay even I memorise your songs and sing them to my girlfriend. At the first time I didn't know you after she made me to listen one of your songs. First I listened "Madness" then "Feeling Good". Okay right now I'm not a Muser but that doesn't mean that I will not be some day. She made me to do this and I didn't refuse it. I believe that you will not refuse my begging to you. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Can you follow her and tell her that "Your boyfriend really loves you and he didn't intend to break you and he will always be with you". At least can you do it for greater good, for LOVE. @mattbellamy @muse
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