• the4x4podcastSo maybe my last post about selling the XJ was a little emotional. I've decided that I am going to fix the Jeep. Details on that coming soon. For now though, I spent a bit of time installing this light bar from @auxbeamlighting. It's wicked bright! Look (and listen) for more info coming to a podcast feed near you.

  • the4x4podcastPS happy #4x4day!
  • kirby_mcadamsMore lights and chrome, that'll get you home!!
  • the4x4podcast@kirby_mcadams lol, these lights are the closest thing to chrome that you'll find. The "lights before lockers" one cracks me up too.
  • crummyalaskaIt's time to put the light bars away for the summer so they don't get broke. Your kinda doing it backwards 😉
  • the4x4podcast@crummyalaska thats a good point. I just received it from @auxbeamlighting so I wanted to get it installed. I probably will take it back off for the summer to help keep it nice...once I do a review, of course!
  • the4x4podcast@kirby_mcadams I should have said, thats the closest thing to chrome that you'll find on my Jeep. Even the silver wheels are a dull finish.
  • jeeptalkshowYour in one of the few places that you actually need it
  • auxbeamlighting#auxbeam
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