• amycousinjewelryShe loves it! And that's what counts.
    Toward the end of last year, a client requested a custom bracelet with a wide variety of stones. And she wanted it on stretch cord. Not a problem - the stones we selected were amazing and sure to connect with her goals.
    Then a few weeks ago, we were chatting about gemstone energy (what else?!), and she told me she wasn't feeling the gem current as strongly as she'd expected. Hmm... we revisited her goals in connection to the stones, and even played around with the order of the gems. We finally came to the conclusion that for where she is in her life, the added benefit of using metals in her jewelry is important. Out with the stretchy cord and in with copper. She allowed me full freedom with the design, and this link design (photo on the right) is what felt right. It's a variation on a ball & bar link. Lately I've been feeling that jewelry is not only a reminder tool to tap into our personal power, but is also a force field / shield. I'm sure you'll be hearing that a lot from me.
    Anyway, my client is happily feeling the gem & copper flow and yes, I'm pleased with the results too.
    #gemstoneenergy #beforeafter #bracelet #copper #amycousinjewelry

  • oceanandstardustI love that you are working with the energy of the stones and metal!
  • amycousinjewelryThank you @oceanandstardust . I
  • amycousinjewelryThank you @oceanandstardust . I've come full circle in knowing that my connection to gemstone energy is one of the catalysts for my love of jewelry making. I almost let it slip away from me, and I feel fortunate that gemstones don't give up that easy!
  • oceanandstardustThe world needs your skills more than ever right now Amy!
  • amycousinjewelryAww, thank you Kim! That means so much to me, coming from such a heartfelt talent like you❣
  • reflektiondesignVery nice!😍
  • heathme1You are an amazing talent with great vision.. Love it!!!!
  • breamuniquelightingNice pic!
  • daniellerosewriterI love love love it!!!! I'm a huge fan of stonework through bracelets... funny that I can't seem to keep one, though. They always break... every. single. one. We should talk!!
  • amycousinjewelryThanks @reflektiondesign and @breamuniquelighting !
  • amycousinjewelryThanks @daniellerosewriter - we should definitely talk! I think those colors we talked about a while ago are still in play❣
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