• corinnezupkoIt's GIVEAWAY time! SO excited for the second month of the Great Spiritual Book Giveaway of 2017! In honor of my forthcoming book, every month until my book is published in Winter 2018, I'm giving away FREE copies of my most favorite spiritual books about A Course in Miracles.
    This month's giveaway is all about HAPPINESS. It's "Live Your Happy: Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within" by @revmariafelipe!
    I am so excited to share this book with you. Maria is all about making A Course in Miracles practical and she's all about making healing FUN. In "Live Your Happy," you'll learn how to stop listening to the "cuckoo voice of the ego" so you can claim that happiness that is your birthright.
    Plus this giveaway comes with a BONUS webinar! Join Maria and I for a DANCE PARTY and "Live Your Happy" online training on Tuesday, April 18th, 8-9pm Eastern. Yup... we're going to teach you the HAPPY DANCE! Plus you'll learn some other awesome tools for owning your happiness.
    REGISTER FOR THE GIVEAWAY and webinar VIA MY PROFILE LINK! We can't wait to DANCE WITH YOU!! You'll receive an email on how you can immediately gain more entries to win. If you already bought the book and win, you'll have a copy to gift to a friend!
    Giving away presents makes me HAPPY! 🎁📚❤
    (This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram) ✨

  • nix_sta@hopeywaiwai
  • firiri_eu💚👍
  • wildwomanworkThis is cool :)
  • vasilios_26@corinnezupko 'Live Your Happy' is 1 of the best books that I've ever read in my life & I'm only on chapter 4 now. It keeps getting better & better! 💙
  • corinnezupko@vasilios_26 that's so so awesome to hear!! @revmariafelipe did you see this beautiful feedback? ❤️
  • tyrellchavousNice! We should connect and share some ideas. XD
  • marysyogaThe book sounds amazing
  • revmariafelipe@corinnezupko beautiful indeed! brings me great joy! ☺️
  • sumsmiles😍
  • acethat.coExcellent!
  • danniele_tammjarvAwesome ☺
  • temple_illuminageBeautiful, seems like a good soulful read 💞 Check it out girls; @i_heart_lipstick @sarah_alina @soulmorale
  • corinnezupko@temple_illuminage ❤️❤️❤️
  • revmariafelipeI love this picture! 🙏💕
  • johnnie4k💯
  • awakendivine@kathmenegon_ #liveyourhappy
  • dr.mattlyonLove it. @brookshaislip
  • dr.mattlyonCheck this @bektay87
  • sarah_alinaHow do I get a copy? @temple_illuminage
  • temple_illuminageWell the giveaway is already over, so you're going to have to just go to the authors page @revmariafelipe directly and visit her website @sarah_alina
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