• nadialkingI don't read much erotic fiction but I'm addicted to @rkryde's Stella Series.

    The Stella Series is an unusual and intelligent romance - it's the love story of Jehovah's Witness, Stella Welsch and powerful businessman, Conrad Adams. In Stella's Emancipation, the second book in the series, readers experience a roller coaster ride of love and conflict with plenty of saucy bits in between.
    Ryde's considerable skill in visual description treats readers to a movie-like experience. I swear Ryde could write screenplays if she so desired.

    I devoured Stella's Emancipation and simply cannot wait for the final book in the series. Ryde has characteristically left us hanging.

    Conrad Adams is a serious bookbae. I recently interviewed the man himself to be posted in the #menihaveloved interview series on my blog in May. So stay tuned to hear more from Conrad while we impatiently wait for Ryde to deliver the final instalment for Stella fans.
  • authortarajenkinsoncignarellaI just finished book two... enjoy!
  • danafraedrichI've got the first one on my Kindle to read! Confession: I've never read an erotica book, so this should be interesting.
  • katerinasandersI haven't read this yet, but it's on my tbr list. ✨♥️✨
  • v.p.colomboOhhh @rkryde I have to read it! There are 3 erotica pieces in my book, I am very curious to read yours.
  • daveschramHi Nadia, nice review! I'm reading Rhonda's @rkryde first one! But can't wait to continue with this one! Hope you're doing Ok! Xx Have a great day and evening my beautiful and kind friend! 👋🏼😘
  • juliablakeauthorRead the first Stella book recently, awesome! Check out Goodreads or Amazon for my review!😄
  • rkryde@danafraedrich hope you enjoy ☺
  • rkryde@v.p.colombo ooo I'll have to check out yours too 😊
  • rkryde@authortarajenkinsoncignarella @daveschram @juliablakeauthor @katerinasanders 😘😘❤❤
  • nadialking@rkryde keep typing!!! Don't think I can wait too long 💋
  • nadialking@danafraedrich you will love it!
  • nadialking@katerinasanders it's a good one 💫💫💫💫💫
  • nadialking@v.p.colombo ooh, I didn't know there was eroticism in yours! Very interesting 💕💕💕
  • nadialking@daveschram all good thanks Dave. Hope you're well too. Love Rhonda and her gorgeous Stella series
  • nadialking@juliablakeauthor I'll check out your review. Such an interesting take on erotic romance 😍
  • v.p.colombo@nadialking haha, my book is full of surprises 😉
  • v.p.colombo@rkryde 😉😊
  • kirstyiswritingYou had me at the cover 😍
  • nadialking@kirstyiswriting it's very slick and on point ❤️❤️❤️
  • lexigaganAlways thought the cover was beaut, but your review has sold me 😍
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